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Your last name is Smith is it not? If your last name is Smith youve probably noticed that nobody cares. Well I Do! Welcome.


The last name Smith is the most common name in United States, Scotland, England, Astralia and Ulster Ireland, with its cousin Schmidt falling in at second place in Germany but I am most sure if you add all the Schmidts Schmids Schmitz Schmitt and the like than it would also be number 1 in Germany.


So from the looks of it. Smith is common.


there are other names that refer to the occupation of Smith for example McGowan or Favre. Depending on where you go.


Some Smiths coupld probably be remnants of the Roman Soldiers and some can be much before that. What we do know is there is a great deal of history in the Name Smith and in my life time I hope to complete ALL branches. At least the ones in West Virginia. So please find my site useful and thank SynthaSite.com for letting me make this for free! 

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